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Caleb's Mountain helps to position "the local church" in making a communal difference of compassion and justice, in particular for families, children and young people. We seek the unique opportunity to love, appreciate and be transformed alongside the people of our community. We do this by creating opportunities for individuals to volunteer in numerous ways in the community.

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Don't just take our word for it, we know that personal testimony is far more powerful, here's just a few things parents have had to say about working alongside Caleb's Mountain...

‘I’ve learned to always try and repair things when there is a disagreement in our family, then move on.’ (speaking about the Solihull Approach)

‘… you are not on your own … I recommend this course to every parent.’ (speaking about the Solihull Approach)

‘In our house we were struggling with emotions. Outbursts, crying, unhappy … fighting. The course has helped me understand what my children might be feeling when this happens … We are a calmer happier house.’ (speaking about the Solihull Approach)

‘The big revelation for me was understanding that my son was showing the developmental stage of someone younger. This has helped me communicate more with my son … with less anger.’ (speaking about the Solihull Approach)

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