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We want to help children and young people to develop positive relationships and flourish as individuals. We aim to support schools, and other educational establishments, as they seek to nurture the personal and social development of the children in their care. We would like as many schools as possible to access our services, regardless of financial constraints.

Table Talk (Home life, Friendships, Technology, Influences etc.) Key stage 2, 3 and 4

Playing and Learning to Socialise (PALS) Key stage EYS and key stage 1

Keep Safe (promoting protective behaviours) Key stage 1 and 2

Self-esteem (custom made 6 week sessions) Key stage 2, 3 and 4

Theme based (e.g. bug club 6 week sessions) All stages

Friends for Life (For Youth) Key stage 3 and 4


‘’Staff here feel that Caleb's Mountain is making a difference with many of the pupils ….  We recently had an Ofsted visit who said that they were very impressed with the support the school is receiving from the church with regard to the work Caleb's Mountain is doing in school.’’

Head Teacher Bream Church of England Primary School

Caleb’s Mountain will work with your school to enhance every child’s experience of learning.

We aim to help families recognise the importance of the community of the school as a key touch point for receiving support and learning.

We help students with behavioural difficulties.

We support students who struggle with emotional literacy.

As an interdependent partnership we can advocate for both school and parent when working with other organisations such as the local authority.

We help parents accessing support through Early Help including being a Lead Professional in Team around the Child meetings if appropriate.

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family support

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emotional literacy

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